Walk over Brooklyn Bridge and then explore Brooklyn itself

Brooklyn Bridge and roaming around Brooklyn It is very difficult to cut down the must-do’s and the must-visits of New York to just a few, therefore I am considering the ones that left the biggest impact on me. Walking all the way across Brooklyn Bridge has to be one of them. Seeing the city in all of its glory and the skyscrapers reaching unbelievable heights, makes every person question if this is real. What is more, although Manhattan is really beautiful and will forever hold my heart, Brooklyn has a lot to offer too. It is filled with really cute shops, restaurants and cafés that will grab anyone’s attention.


Typical NYC food feast

Let’s be real. Sightseeing and exploring is fun, but also very tiring…so why not enjoy some typical NYC delights. In my opinion you cannot go to the NYC and not enjoy some traditional meals. Even though I try to watch what I eat and prefer healthy meals, I just could not resist eating burgers, pizza, hot dogs, a lot of French fries and Chinese food. But of course I was looking out for untraditional and/or popular places too. Overall, if you are ever in New York make sure to enjoy something traditional like a slice of NYC pizza as well as visit some “hip”, but extravagant places like Cha Cha Matcha and Avocaderia. Trust me, it will be worth it and very Instagram-worthy.


Let’s go to SoHo

Oh, wow. At first this part of New York will seem to be very overcrowded (especially if you are there during a sunny summer day), but it is probably one of the most artistic and interesting places to visit. With a number of artistic cafés, expensive, but totally worth exploring boutiques, a number of mainstream shops (and if the myth is right, here, you can find the lowest prices and the most exclusive sales) and those authentic buildings with fire escape ladders around them (that unfortunately are disappearing in most of Manhattan, but make for great photography backgrounds). Furthermore, SoHo is very close to places like Chinatown, Little Italy and Canal Street (the place where you can find a Louis Vuitton bag for 40$). And if this didn’t win your attention, there are a number of events, galleries and opportunities for any artistic or capitalistic soul.




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