I do love taking breathtaking photographs, arranging cool flatlays and ordering the most Instagram worthy dishes, but then again I also love sharing awkward lip syncing stories, memes and wanna-be cute pictures with Snapchat filters.

Outfit of the day, denim jacket and white outfit, girl
Wanna-be candid shot at Cardiff Bay

For the past few years my favorite social media platform has been Instagram. I love using it because it gives you the opportunity to be creative, share bits and pieces from your everyday life, and meet so many like-minded people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to cross paths with.

Unfortunately, as with most things nowadays, Instagram has some downsides to it. The ever-changing algorithm and the constantly dropping engagement rate are just some of the examples, which users nowadays face.

Although, these rather uncontrollable things do annoy me, there is something I find scarier. Yes, there are probably thousands of articles, blogposts, comments etc. talking about how social media is not real life, but lately this issue has been bugging me more than usual and I have been trying to find a way to express my feelings on it.

I personally, have nothing against not over-sharing your personal life on social media or preferring to have a rather curated feed, where all your photos are color-coded and match your artistic preferences.

girl wearing a teddy coat blowing kisses

THE ISSUe with instagram

What I dislike is creating an entirely different online persona, by trying to construct a flawless and perfect representation of yourself. There is no problem in spending time, creating beautiful photographs at the most breathtaking places with the most stylish outfits. The issue is putting more effort into a fake online personality than in your real life character and then claiming the opposite.

I believe that social media platforms give us the opportunity to have a voice and spread positivity. Of course, you will not always have the perfect day or the most glamorous outfit or the most memorable experiences. But so does everybody else, despite of what they share online.

Top from ColourfulRebel

Not everything is about getting the most likes or comments, although it is flattering to receive love and appreciation. For instance, I personally, felt down for a while, because I did not enjoy the content I was creating. So recently, I decided to change from a very monochromatic feed to a very colorful and rather messy one. Now, I feel much more satisfied, because I believe that my photos represent who I really am and are thus, more authentic. I also enjoy producing this type of content more and therefore spend lots of time creating it. I believe that change is good and we should always aim to express ourselves through our content, rather than solely and blindly follow trends.

Lastly, by trying to impress others, we forget that we shouldn’t forget to do something that brings us pleasure and makes us happy and satisfied with ourselves. For me, my Instagram is not only a platform, where I can share daily outfit, food and lifestyle inspirations. I want it to bring people a little positivity and color in their life. I am really happy, that I have met so many amazing people through this app and I am so thankful for it. So yes, continue on creating this great feed, but don’t forget to be an even greater person.


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