Less than two weeks ago I submitted my last assignment for my bachelor’s degree. After spending more time at the library than at home (why did I even pay rent?), drank excessive amounts of coffee and almost broke the keyboard of my laptop as I was writing with the speed of light, I finally clicked on submit. At first sadness struck me. For a moment I was sitting and looking at the screen realizing that a big part of my life is over. Seconds later, I felt as if I had been mixing coffee with Red Bull. I started jumping and dancing like a crazy person. I even pretended that I was Hulk and did his typical smash. I am a dork, I know.

Along this journey not everything has been perfect and a lot of the times I have felt lost, betrayed, sad, hurt and insecure. That’s the thing with social media, you can’t always see that behind the smiles and perfectly curated feeds, people are still struggling.

Despite this, I believe that there are so many more reasons to be happy about. Throughout my time in Cardiff I came across so many wonderful people, which I am lucky to call my friends. People from all over the world that helped me grow as a person, made my days brighter and have been by my side. Like my favorite bear would say: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. Each paragraph is dedicated to a different person…13 Reasons Why much?

When I came to Cardiff, I cried. Although I always knew that one day I want to study abroad, at first I felt lost and scared. I had not met anybody in my accommodation and I was, untypically for me, very shy. On one of the first days I went out of my room and came across a guy, who greeted me with a big smile on his face. It was the first person I met in Cardiff. He was friendly and kind, which is what I needed at this moment. Thank you for helping me overcome my initial fear and making me feel welcome.

During my first week at Cardiff University we had a greeting session at my faculty. I was talking to a couple of girls and we each introduced ourselves to one another. When I heard the name of one of the girls I immediately thought that it sounds too familiar. I soon came to realize that she had moved all across from the same part of the world like me, to study at Cardiff University. Ever since that day she was the face I was always looking for in the lecture halls, always ready to help and always there to share a laugh with. Nothing compares to knowing that you have somebody you can rely on at university.

One day a close relative asked me if she can give my contact details to another girl that is studying in Cardiff. Unfortunately, it took the girl around a month after adding me on Facebook to reach out. Yeah, I was waiting and I was extremely happy when she finally texted me. Do you know the feeling when you meet another person and it just clicks? It was just like that. It did not take us long and soon after she became one of my closest friends. We started hanging out more often and there never was an awkward silence with her, because we can talk about anything. You were there through so many of my tough times and always laughed at my lame jokes (which I guess was tough for you). You are such a great friend. ILY and cannot imagine not living 2 minutes away from you.

Throughout my first year I rekindled an old friendship. We were always close while growing up, but life took is in different directions for a while. Faith works in mysterious ways (lol, so dramatic) and we crossed paths, despite being in different countries and seeing each-other so rarely. Yet, somehow we are always in identical situations, with the same struggles and fears. Our mood-swings always coincides and our weirdness is way too much to handle, so I sincerely hope that nobody ever hears our voice messages (except our assigned FBI guys). I know that you are always there for me and I am so happy to have a friend like you by my side. Thank you for always being a chat away, despite being so many miles away. We are the proof that distance doesn’t mean it’s impossible to know every single detail of another person’s everyday life. ILY.

I want to thank the guy, who is way too good for this world and is always there to help me when I need him. We usually have such different opinions about life, but even though I will not admit being wrong from time to time, you make me realize that our surroundings are much more complex than we make them out to be. Thank you for making sure that I become a better person. And you are welcome for gaining so much new knowledge from me. Hahaha!

During my second year I pursued a passion of mine that I was always uncertain of. I was too scared to try new things and I was self-conscious, which made me miss so many chances. Thanks to you, I managed to get out of my comfort zone and try new things without being afraid of what people might say. I learned so much from you and you were always there to help and encourage me with my work. We scanned Cardiff in the search of the most beautiful, delicious and unique places. You make this city look like a fairytale and I am so thankful that I was part of this journey with you. I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you will achieve. ILY.

On one of my trips I met somebody and we became close in an instance. She is very down to earth despite being such a pretty and smart girl. She is extremely kind and always supports me in tough times. We became close very fast and I know that I can count on her. We have many things in common and we get along so well. The phone calls with her brighten up my day and have helped me in so many tough moments. More girls should be like you.

I haven’t seen you in almost a year, but you are the person that knows more about me than I do. You are always there for me and nothing stops you from telling me when I’m wrong (which is rare hahaha, but you say it in a kind way, so thanks). The first time we texted I would have never thought that a weird guy like you would become my best friend. But then again, aren’t we both really weird? You have a hard time showing and dealing with your feelings so I really hope that this part doesn’t make you cringe internally. Thank you for always being there for me, especially when I am lost and sad. Also…I should start listening to your advices more, because somehow you are usually right. Thank you for taking care of me. ILY.

Internet besties are a weird thing, but somehow it came naturally to us. I already know so much about you (and you know so much about me), so it is about time that we finally meet? Don’t you think? Despite me being a grandma and you being a toddler, we have so much in common and we think like the same person. Our conversations range from talking about random people to deep AM topics (One Direction reference, waddup?). Thank you for the support and understanding. I hope to see you soon.

Why did it take you so long to come to Cardiff? Wish I would have met you sooner, but now that I know you, you will not get rid of me. I always thought that I am weird, but then I got to know you and understood that every weirdo needs another weirdo. In less than a few weeks I got to know you and we got extremely close. With you I laugh so much that my stomach starts hurting and my eyes start tearing. I can tell you anything without you judging me (maybe you will laugh at me for a bit, but that’s okay). We are literally the same person in two different bodies. Which is both really cute and absolutely creepy. Maybe life didn’t want to bring us together sooner, because we would have become fat and scared away way too many people. You are always up for crazy adventures, new experiences and food (despite constantly saying that you are on a diet). You are an incredibly kind, smart, funny, gorgeous girl and I should feel embarrassed walking next to you. I am looking forward to all the amazing things that are coming our way. Thank you for LITERALLY being there 24/7. ILY.

And of course: Thank you to the last four people (one of them I already talked about), who are always next to me. Always a phone call away (with one of them it is 1000 calls per day). Thank you for always helping me do the right thing, motivating me, being there for me, caring. I know that I can always rely on you. And I am incredibly lucky to have you. I love you more than words can even describe it.

Lastly, I am so thankful to all the people I met throughout my Cardiff journey (even the ones I did not mention here). I am sad that our paths are splitting, but this doesn’t mean that our friendship has to end. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and I sincerely hope that you will recognize which paragraph is for YOU (because otherwise it would be very awkward).

This journey is slowly coming to an end, but thanks to all of you, I know that it was worth it.


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