Colorful Socks

You are crazy and funky. You enjoy trying new things and you are the life of the party. You have a crazy story on every topic and love sharing them. In your free time you love exploring new places and meeting new people.


Plain Socks

You are plain and boring. You probably lack a sense of humor and people avoid you. You talk in a slow monotone voice. You have a routine and don’t like changing it. You need hours of convincing to do something new. Boring. Just like your socks. (The irony is that I only buy black socks…hahaha). Оn the plus side, it might mean you are so chill that people are comfortable with presenting you with socks – you know it is the thought that counts.


Board Games

This was probably a mutual gift for the whole family. If it was gifted from a family member it means that you are a competitive bunch. You like to joke around with another and nobody likes losing. You love each other, but also like to turn Christmas into a battlefield. Long story short: numerous leaders, no followers.



You are very posh or old with successful children (you did a good job).



You are very demanding and difficult to shop with. At the same time people love you and want to please you. You enjoy useful gifts and things that you actually need. Sentimental presents make you want to gag. You are very put together and always achieve your goals. You have great management skills.


Something Meaningful and Sentimental

The people around you wanted to make you feel special. You probably cry on movies and keep receipts, tickets and cards from special moments. You probably also keep a diary, where you write your feelings in. You are sensitive and emotional.


A Puppy

You are at the high point of your life. You are probably a responsible adult, who has it all figured out. You have a loving family, a cozy home and probably small children. Your stable job and income allow you to have the most precious gifts of them all. You reached the high levels of life. You are an inspiration. (Disclaimer: My best friend said that this could also mean “I want a dog around, but I can’t take care of it so I got one for you”…now that I think about it…that’s why I got my bestie a dog for their birthday a couple of years back)



You either don’t celebrate Christmas or you don’t need this celebration to get what you want. You are a go-getter.


The Gift You Wanted

You are lucky. You are surrounded by people that love you and listen to you (or you are so annoying and have been talking about the iPhone XS ever since it came out and dropping subtle hints). Nonetheless, appreciate it.


Merry Christmas Shopping, ya filthy animals.




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