#SuccessStoryOfTheWeek is going to be a weekly series focused on outstanding marketing strategies and digital media campaigns. The idea is to show you some of the most prominent examples of successful utilization of social media, as well as new technologies. I hope you will find this useful, captivating and motivating.

“The English man that inspired a young Swedish high school graduate to create a multimillion-dollar business.” This is the story behind one of the leading mid-range watch manufacturers – Daniel Wellington.

Back in 2011, Filip Tysander met an Englishman named Daniel Wellington on a trip around Australia. Tysander was impressed by Wellington’s vintage Rolex attached to a fabric strap, in comparison to the classic leather one. This unexpected encounter led to Tysander creating Daniel Wellington – a watch brand that combines a classy watch with an affordable nylon strap. With an initial investment of less than $25000 he managed to grow his business into one of the fastest growing European companies. Today the company has sold over 6 million watches, made $230 million in revenue and $111.5 million in profit (2016).

But what does this have to do with social media? Daniel Wellington owes its huge success to its digital strategy on social networks, predominantly Instagram. The brand receives some of the highest numbers of mentions on Instagram – over 2 million posts have been tagged #DanielWellington and the brand has over 4.9 million followers.


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Nowadays, celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are endorsing Daniel Wellington, but it can be argued that the brand was one of the first companies to understand the potential of influencer marketing. The Swedish watch manufacturer owes a big part of its success to a strong social media strategy and micro influencers. The strategy is simple. The watch brand approaches social media influencers by offering them a free product in exchange of social media exposure across their social channels. The posts are usually accompanied by a hashtag (#DanielWellington) and a unique discount code. Thanks to this approach, the watch manufacturer is able to track the sales an influencer makes. In addition to this, Daniel Wellington utilizes user-generated content by encouraging social media users to share something about the brand – #DWPickofthemonth/#DWPickoftheday. Users are inspired to share a creative photo with their watch for a chance to be featured on their page. Furthermore, they urge their followers to take part in a caption contest, where users help caption their posts commenting with the hashtag #DWaption.

Daniel Wellington’s social media strategy relies on little to no advertising spend but has proven to be extremely effective as they are now one of the most widely recognized brands worldwide. By using influencer marketing and user-generated content, Daniel Wellington not only receive an astonishing amount of “free” advertising around social media, but they grow their engagement too. In addition to this, the brand allows influencers to have full creative control over their content. As a result, their social media presence is unique and authentic, and their brand – recognized and loved.